Things to Remember while making an Account for Google Adsense

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Most of you must’ve been thinking to be paid by Google through ads. But if you want Google Adsense Money there are some things or points that you should keep in your mind. If you made any mistake while creating your AdSense ID you can be banned from Google.Here are some Do’s and Dont’s that you should follow. Some new rules of Adsense in 2018.

Things that you should do while creating your Google ADsense Login id are as follows:-
1.    Content Rich Website:-  It means website with more and informative content. Having a content-rich website means more benefits for SEO. As more content means more traffic which will ultimately help you to get money.

2.    Domain:- Domain is the name of your website. It is used to identify IP addresses. The website that you are using to create your Google ADsense Login id should have the domain of at least 6 months old.
3.    Visitors:- If you have a rich content then obviously there would be more visitors. Your website should have at least 100 visitors per day. Check about your website traffic before applying for AdSense account.
4.    Administrator Access:- If you are using the same google account you should have administrator access to your google webmaster and analytics.
5.    After Being Approved:- Once your account is approved you can add ads on any website without getting approval for it.

Things that you shouldn’t do:-

If you disobey any of the points given below the result can lead to banning your account. So keep these points in your mind every time you put your ads on a website.
1.    Invalid Click:- This is what most people do to get banned from Google. Please do not ask your friends or relatives to go to your website and click on ads. Google doesn’t like this at all. If Google gets angry it will lead to your account being banned.
2.    Language Blog:- Google doesn’t allow AdSense on an unsupported language blog. In essence, Google doesn’t support all language.
3.    Sending ads:- Everyone thinks that they can outsmart google but I am sorry guys this is not gonna happen. If you’re thinking of sending ads to your friends through email or any other means I must tell you that Google knows everything. And you are smart enough to know what this can lead to.
4.    Advertisement Label:- Do not use scripts like CLICK HERE or a popup script so that user has to click on your ads to read the content behind it.
5.    Competitive Contextual advertisement:- Do not use any other programs on the same website on which you have used Adsense. Google doesn’t like sharing.
6.    Altering the AdSense code:- Beware of this point. It doesn’t matter how good you could code do not try to challenge the AdSense code. You just cannot make a single change in their code.
7.    Copyright Content:- Don’t run AdSense on copyright content. Copyright content are like Literary, musical, graphic, and sculptural works.
8.    Adult Content:- Don’t link your ads to anything that violates google rule. Google does not like to promote anything like pornography, Violent content, Racial content, Hacking, Drugs, Gambling, weapons, and coursework.
9.    Paid traffic:- Do not go for paid traffic for any website using organic methods like SEO to increase traffic on our website.
10.    Part of content:- Do not make ads look like a part of content means you cannot encourage visitors to think that the ads are somehow related to your content.
11.    Sticky ads:- Do not make AdSense ads sticky. It should not cover your content or anything else on your page. To use sticky ads you must learn its rules and regulations.
12.    Curated videos:- Using ads on youtube which curates videos can be a little tricky. To avoid this use good content which should have at least 200 to 300 words. The content should be original and should describe the video. Google Adsense on Youtube can be a little bit more difficult and tricky than other websites that you place your ads on.
13.    Restricted pages:- Don’t place your ads on 404 error page, exit page, login page, and thank you page.
14.    Limitation:- There are some limits to everything in this world. You can get paid through google but that doesn’t mean that you can add ads everywhere on your screen. You can put a maximum of three ads on your screen.

If you’ve read all the points thoroughly then you are all set to create your account and get paid directly from Google. You will receive a check of 100$ once your website makes that much money. Create an account and don’t get banned guys.

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