On page SEO Techniques Every One Should Know in 2018

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On Page SEO techniques are not as easy as it seems, otherwise, you wouldn’t have been here. First of all, let us inform you well about SEO full form which is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the key to rank your website higher on search engines. Well, every website out there wants themselves to be highly ranked on the search engine page and so do you. That’s the reason we have brought some amazing on page SEO techniques which you will be acknowledged in the given paragraphs.

On-Page SEO

If you think that on page SEO is magic tricks then it’s not! You got to be working off day and night in order to snatch that top position. Or else, you have an option to hire an SEO agency for much better results.

Over the years, Google has presented a lot of updates to their search engine algorithms for better user experience. Along with this, it has also set out a major competition between different websites to rank high on search engine page. These on page SEO updates were made by googling just to make their customers happy whenever they visit your website.

If you will cooperate with the latest on page SEO updates then google will give you reward and raise your rank on the search engines. For not cooperating well-enough with the google then you may be exposed to harsh results which you wouldn’t want, one of which is lowering the rank of your website.

SEO Techniques

You may have heard about off-page SEO but the kind of effect on page SEO has is outstanding and surprising. For providing you the perfect result by utilizing on page SEO techniques, there is not just one SEO company but many out there. But you can’t trust all of them, you need to wisely choose one best for your company.

In order to stop yourself from fooling around with the people, here are on page SEO techniques which everyone should know in 2018:

On page SEO-friendly URLs

The very first key to rank your website high is by using on page SEO-friendly URLs. Don’t try to use extra-large or extra -short URLs. Remember one thing, “Make your URL short and sweet but don’t forget to include target keyword in your URL.” Many of the studies have found and claimed that short URLs have a high edge over results than short URLs.

SEO Friendly URL

Google has stated that 3 to 5 words in the URL have been given high preference over others. Hence, using target keyword will boost your website rank.

Keyword included in the title

Your title tag is an essential part of your on page SEO factor. This doesn’t mean that you must force your keyword to adjust in the title. If appropriate, you can use your keyword as the title. By doing this, your website can be an inch closer to rank high on search engines.

Title tag SEO

Not always you need to keyword to start your title, but like mentioned above, you can put the keyword in the title. Not only put the keyword in the title, but also at the beginning of the title. And also the title must be small, in around 60 characters. It’s because Google generally displays the first 50 to 55 characters including the space between the words.

Sprinkle some modifiers

It’s not always about the techniques and methods. Sometimes, you got to impress your customers and clients. They are the one who has got the biggest potential in ranking up your website. They are the ones from which Google came out with the result of ranking a particular website. Hence, you got to be sure about the type of modifiers you are using. Do make sure that these modifiers don’t backfire you and your company’s website, otherwise your business might have to face a lot of dissatisfaction from both customers and clients.

Add Modifiers in Your Article

H1 tag for your blog post title

This is certainly an important on page SEO factor. The H1 tag is the “Headline tag”. CMS’s usually add or automatically add blog post title in the H1 tag. If this is the case with you then you are all set, otherwise, you gotta do something with that.

Google Ranking with H1 Tags

If your company’s website also doesn’t involve this kinda setting then here is the best advice for you. By checking your website’s code you can easily search and put the title in the H1 tag. Before actually proceeding with this, always ensure there is only one H1 tag per page and it should contain your target keyword.

Make it interesting with multimedia

Content on the website can only be interesting up to some extent. Whereas, adding pictures, videos and other stuff can make your website look amazing and impressive too. And what would be better if this on page SEO technique will let your website rank higher?


Remember the good old days where our eyes search for images and videos to get the idea about the chapter. Just like that multimedia like images, videos, GIFs and much more, has the potential to convert a dull boring website into an interesting and attractive one. Apart from this, it can also reduce bounce rates and let your customers engaged on the website for few minutes or more increasing the time on the website. And you are totally aware of the result when people customer-engagement is high on your website.

A cover subheading in the H2 tag

It’s not that you can only add target keyword to your headings or title. You can even use the target keyword of your website in the subheadings. And not only this, just like H1 tags contain keyword as a title H2 tags contain target keyword as subheadings. This is not going to make or break anything but this particular on page SEO technique can help you to some extent. And why do you leave even one thing which can actually uplift your business?

Use of h tag for on page seo

Target keyword in the first 100 words

This is the thing which some of us would do naturally. But since it is one of the best on page SEO method or technique, one must take care of this thing too. Because there are a lot of people who mostly use the target keyword much later in the content. This will probably lead to lowering the rank of the website, no matter how much the quality the content has.

Drop keyword in first 100 words

By putting the keyword in later paragraphs there’s nothing you will get instead of regret. Hence, it’s better to drop the keyword somewhere in the first 100 words.

Responsive design

In this techie world where everything can be accessed in this small yet useful device, it would be surprising if your website is not mobile-friendly yet. If you opt for a mobile-friendly website then this will mean your website can be accessed via mobile phones. This will let people not to open their desktop or laptop in order to get access to your website. This is not only an ideal option for people or user but also the search engine giant, Google prefers it. And with this on page SEO service, you can actually lift up your website’s rank.

Responsive Design

Usage of outbound links

In order to get more traffic with a legally accepted method then this is the best on page SEO option. Although many SEO agencies are using this particular method, you need to ensure whether the company you have opted are using it in an efficient way or not. This is a white-hat SEO strategy which can help you get more traffic. But you also need to keep in mind that the websites you outbound reflect on you. Therefore, always link to the authority websites whenever possible as this will help you in gaining legal traffic and also long-lasting results.

Outbound Links

Internal links should be used

It is also an important on page SEO factor in attracting traffic to your website. Internal linking will not only provide you with the best result but also it’s an easy way to use. You are very well aware of the fact that Wikipedia uses internal linking of about 50 in number, but still, you can use at least 2-3 internal links in your content. This is a simpler yet safe approach where you can link your 2 to 5 older post whenever you ought to post a new one.

Boost website speed

It is very well stated by Google that website speed plays a major role in on page SEO ranking. For all those, tortoise website, it’s time to speed up and win the race. One can easily boost website by using CDN, compressing images, and switching to faster hosting.

Boost your website speed

Always ensure that your site doesn’t take more than 4 seconds to load. This is because studies have shown that the website who takes longer to load, people generally don’t visit that website later on. Hence, it’s better to improve this on page SEO method right now than to regret it later.

Drizzle LSI keywords

No matter how many focus or target keyword you have put it into the content on your website, you need to use LSI keywords too. LSI keywords are one of the important factors of on page SEO and are nothing but synonyms that Google uses to determine if the web page is relevant or not. Use as many LSI keywords as you can. Drizzle them in every paragraph if you can. If you are not aware of how to find the LSI keyword for your target keyword then here are the steps. Type in your focus keyword on Google and scroll to the bottom of the page. There you will find some phrases or single words under the heading “Searches related to…..”. These phrases are your LSI keywords.

LSI Keywords

Optimize image

Content is a separate thing, you need to optimize your image with the target keyword. With this on page SEO method, you will contribute something to rank your website high on search engines. Not only is this but also there another reason for putting up target keyword as an image name. This is because it will provide search engine an idea of what your page is all about. And further, it will help Google to rank your website accordingly. Whenever you are using images on your website, make sure you add the target keyword or keyword to the name of the image.

Use Alt Tag For better SEO

Social sharing buttons are also important

Like any other on page SEO factor this factor also plays an important role in ranking your website on the search engines. Although it doesn’t play a direct role in ranking your website it can generate traffic. More people you get on the website, more likely someone is to link with you. Hence, don’t be shy about putting up social sharing buttons on your website. Not satisfactory? Well, studies have also shown that social sharing buttons can increase social sharing by a decent percentage. Now decide whether you are going to put up social sharing buttons or not.

SEO social media follow share buttons

Long content is the key

There is new on page SEO tagline “Length is strength”. Based on this, you need to ensure you are writing a long yet qualitative content for your user. Studies have shown that long contents generally rank higher on the search engine page than the short one.

Content length for SEO

This definitely doesn’t mean that you should write irrelevant yet long content because this will also won’t work as the customer will press the back button right away. Longer content and useful content, these both at the same time can lead to a win-win situation where you would be driving a lot of traffic to your website.


It’s not like Google only counts the people who visited your website. Google’s on page SEO algorithms rely on the fact that how much time the visitor was on your website. This dwell time of your customer or visitor will help you decide the ranking of your website. Hence, it’s not only important to gain traffic but also it’s important to engage them on your website. The more time customers take on your website, the higher the rank your website will attain. And this can be achieved by putting in quality content and truthful information which will make customers stay on your website instead of just pressing back button and leave.

This was the on page SEO checklist of must to know things related to on page SEO in 2018. Now, with all this relevant yet important information you are ready to find out the best SEO company for your website. Choose the company wisely never letting yourself to compromise on these things because it’s a business for which you are not ready to take any kind of risk.

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