15 Great and Can’t Miss Off Page SEO Factors- PART-2

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First of all, Welcome back!

Or welcome to the PART-2 of 15 Great and Can’t-Miss Off Page SEO Factors in SEO Services.

One can say it either way.

In the Part-1, we revealed different (not all) off-page SEO Services in the best way we can. We hope you would have applied or at least tried to apply all those in your SEO strategy.

off page seo factors

Well, in PART-2, we will keep revealing the other off-page SEO tools which are left. With this, you have the full proof plan of how you will be doing your off-page SEO activities for an even better result.

Here it goes…

Web 2.0

Don’t get scared with such a techie name. The work it does is quite simple yet effective.

Just like there are shops on rent in the market to operate their own business, this website also does the same work. But the thing which replaces rent is they add their name to the URL of the website user creates. This automatically helps in the marketing of these websites.

Forget about them, we are here to discuss these websites commonly called as web 2.0. These websites offer the user to create their own account and work for themselves.

Eventually, you can also create your account and start inviting traffic to it. From this, you can attract traffic to visit your website. With the increasing traffic on your website, the rank will automatically get higher on search engines.

Following are some of the top web 2.0 websites to use for SEO services:

  •    WordPress
  •    Livejournal
  •    Yola.com

Product Listing

Not always you gotta write a long-long post to make off-page SEO works for your business.

It’s kinda useless to write a long post if the users aren’t looking for it.

And this happens, with most of the businesses!

Now comes the difficult part of doing SEO for such businesses. Such businesses can proceed with product listing if they have no other option.

Well, anyone can proceed with the product listing. You just have to list your business’s products on these product listing websites and ta-da you are done!

By listing your products on top product listing websites, you will be able to get traffic on your website. And do I need to mention what’s in there for you next?

I guess no!

Indulge in product listing and make the most of it by using these product listing websites:

  •    Storeboard.com
  •    Shopcade.com
  •    Fancy.com

Blog Post

Well, you itself are reading one right now.

By now, you are very well assured of the impact a blog post can have on people. If everything is written as well as executed well then no one can stop people from liking as well as sharing it with others among their circle.

A blog post needs following things to be kept in mind which are:

  •    The main purpose of the blog i.e. providing information must be fulfilled.
  •    The blog must be written as per the needs of your customers. And the information provided must be accurate and not fake.
  •    The overall content of the blog must be written in the creative language which is easy to understand.

The blog post will be published on your own website’s blog.

Video Submission

Many of you do know that the influence videos have on a user is more than any other thing. With video, you can have more persuasion power on your users or visitors.

Get the best of your business’s videos published on some famous video submission websites and see the change.

What we all do when we kinda found something interesting over the internet? We like, we share and in the end, we subscribe. This is the most common process when you find something really interesting that you couldn’t just able to control yourself from expressing gratitude.

Same is the case with a video submission. You gotta submit or post your video and then it all depends on the user whether they like it or not. For this, you need to create the best, interesting and eye-catching video which is in demand by the user.

Below are some of the best video submission websites to use for off-page SEO:

  •    Youtube
  •    Vimu
  •    Dailymotion

Press Release

Powerful media, you agree to this right?

We all know the power of media. And people, oops, your visitors find media genuine and authentic. Even Google too!

It’s because the press release is considered as the most authentic and genuine platform by almost everyone. Hence, if your business wants to convey something about any event, on any circumstance or any other happening, Press Release is the medium to convey it.

If your press release has something which interests readers or if it benefits the society or world or human being in any way, it might get picked up by the media or the top bloggers.

Press Release will help in promoting your business’s appearance on the internet via blogs, websites and social networks. This is usually called direct leadership publicity.

Don’t forget to use only best press release websites which are also free. Following is the list of these websites for you:

  •    Prsync.com
  •    Prfree.com
  •    Webnewswire.com

PDF Submission

For those who think that there’s something different in PDF submission, then it’s totally not.

If this is the case then why to do this SEO tool? Well, there’s a reason why not.  

There’s a saying in English ‘Many a little makes a mickle’.

If this SEO activity can help a little in shooting up your ranking then why to neglect it.

So, go ahead and post PDF on those websites who allow submitting PDFs only. Because there are people who still prefer to download PDF and read it afterwards. Or else, if they find it interesting then they might share it with their friends, or other concerned people.

With this, your business website will get the traffic which is required in ranking up the website on search engines.

Among all those not so important, fraud, not so efficient PDF submission websites, here are the best ones to use:

  •    Scribd.com
  •    Datafilehost.com
  •    Youfilelink.com

PPT Submission

Love skimming the content?

Then here is the best option for you. Head to the best website where you will get PowerPoint Presentation. These websites will offer you the best concise content which will be easier for you to read.

People visit these websites to collect the information about any topic. There, they will be provided with PPT highlighting all the necessary points in it. People get to like it, download it or share it with their friends. This will increase traffic on your website which is the ultimate thing you wanted.

Here are some of the best PPT submission websites to use for the best results:

  •    Slideshare
  •    Issuu.com
  •    Mediafire.com

Guest Post

This is one of the best yet not so easy technique to do. It’s because this involves third-party websites to post your content on their website. And this is what seems to be impossible for most of the business but it’s not.

The basic funda of achieving this target is to write content which is created along with informative. If both of these things are perfectly balanced in your content and people are loving it, the third-party websites couldn’t resist themselves posting your content. This mainly happens in case of the blog post, articles, etc.

There are no fixed websites which you can target but you can surely target the most popular ones in the present world with your content.

Blog Commenting

Commenting on blogs gives you attention. Attention from people, and that’s what your website has always aspired for.

By commenting on famous blogs or qualitative blogs can attract a lot of people which ultimately results in getting higher rank for your website.

Altogether, blog commenting helps in building a relationship which can be beneficial in ranking your website higher.

Quora Answers

We all are aware of Quora which is the best knowledge sharing and knowledge gaining platform. Lots of people in today’s world are on this platform to share as well as gain information.

This platform allows users to post their queries in the form of a question. And if any of the persons know the answer then he or she can easily do that. Along with this, there’s another option where you can ask and/or answer any question anonymously. With this feature, any person can say anything without letting fingers pointed on them. That’s the reason it is one of the best knowledge platforms where you can learn about different things and also the experience people face.

Guest Reviews

We all know how much important are comments from customers. Every business strives to get the positive comments from their customers. The number of positive comments, the more are the chances that people will trust that company.

Reviews on Google, Facebook, and any other social media platform will definitely aid your website in increasing the brand value. And this is also helpful from SEO point of view.

With this, we would like to end this “Series of SEO services” here itself.

We hope we have been able to cover up all the SEO tools, SEO strategies that you need to put up for your business.

In case, if we have missed any one of them, or you have found some of your great SEO tools.

Or if you would like to share your success story by following these services.

Your comments are welcome in the comment section below.

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