15 Great and Can’t-Miss Off Page SEO Activities in SEO – Part I

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7.6 Billion people in the world and still not getting traffic?

The reason could be anything from not so qualitative content to the usage of not so popular SEO services by SEO experts.

Qualitative content is something which needs continuous practice no matter you are a beginner or not. You need to discuss it with your SEO company that the content is leading your business to nowhere.

But what if it’s not the content?

It can be possible that you could be committing major SEO mistakes affecting your website’s ranking.

Now, the focus shifts towards the SEO, Search Engine Optimization.

If quality content is the king then we can say SEO is the queen. And both are necessary for getting higher rank for your website.

We all are familiar with two types of SEO services: On-page and Off-page.

On-page activities can be easily determined and analyzed because of its easily approachable nature. Now remains the one thing, Off-page SEO activities.

Many of you may have been provided with the information that ‘Quality content is the key to SEO’. Like a well-mannered person, you believe all of it.

Ever thought that how come content plays an important role in Off-page SEO strategy? Or made an effort to find out the SEO tools or SEO techniques used to do Off-page for rank boosting? Or where the content is posted on the internet and on what websites?

We know many of you haven’t done that.

In order to not get fooled by any SEO provider in future, here is the list of Off-page SEO activities and their respective websites.

off page seo activities

Social Bookmarking

It’s same as sending your friend a link to any website you thought they may find it interesting. This is what social bookmarking is all about.

Instead of saving the links of your favorite web page on the browser, you are saving it on the web with the help of social bookmarking websites. In this way, you can have access to any of your saved bookmarks with just an internet connection.

With this feature, you can not only save your favorite website to mail your friend later on, but you can also look at what other people have found interesting enough to bookmark.

The number of people bookmarks your webpage, the more chances it has to appear on the top of the search engines. it’s because search engines use these website’s result to optimize their result.

Below are top 3 social bookmarking websites which you can consider:

  • StumbleUpon
  • Reddit
  • Tumblr

Content Curation

What do we all do when we find the best and interesting material on the internet? First, we enjoy and then we share it with our family, friends, relatives, and others.

Same is the content curation except you got to curate the content before sharing it.

Instead of creating content, there is amassing of content and then offering it in an organized way in front of your customers.

There are two ways of curating content:

  • Gather content from a variety of sources available on the internet.
  • Or, gather content from your own largely written content.

Look at the top 3 content curation websites available:

Classified Submission

Ever seen an advertisement online? This is classified submission.

Classified submission is same as posting your product or service with a mission of selling it. It is one of the most influential ways of letting the world know about your product or service.

Being one of the off-page SEO services, it actually helps in generating leads and sales for products or services.

Here are 3 genuine classified submission websites:

  • Classified4me
  • Classifiedads
  • Delhi.locanto.net

Image Submission

Loved reading books with a hell lot of images, right? Why not apply this to your customers too. Create some really creative and interesting image to post on different image submission websites available out there.

But wait, choose the genuine and the reputable one on which Google relies. Afterall, Google is the main reason for which you are making so much effort.

For your convenience, here are 3 best image submission websites:


If you are thinking that microblogging is same as blogging then you got it all wrong.

Now, just split the whole world ‘Microblogging’ in Micro+Blogging. Here, ‘Micro’ means small or short and ‘Blogging’ means to blog. Therefore, Microblogging means short blogging.

If you need a more precise and actual information then here is the one.

Microblogging is a combination of blogging and instant short messages created by people or users you can say. These messages are posted and further shared with the audience on the internet.

One can invite web traffic by inviting friends to follow your website whose link you have shared in your posts.

Top 3 microblogging websites are as follows:

Business Listing

Business listing is an online entry of the information about your business. These are done on many different business listing websites.

Wanna know the benefit of doing business listing? The first benefit is for every new business listing you create, the chances of being found online will increase.

Moreover, the search engines will also find you genuine. This shoots up your website ranking on search engine’s page.

You wanted something like this, right?

Start doing a business listing on these top 3 business listing websites:

Company Profile

Creating a profile for your business is same as creating a social media account.

Some of you may confuse it with business listing but trust us, both are different. Business listing is a full description of about the business. On the other hand, company profile is you can say the summary of the business listing.

But with the help of company profile, you can promote your business on the web. This will create web traffic for you which ultimately increases visitors on your business website. Isn’t it great? Yes, of course, it is.

With these 3 best company profile websites, you can actually promote your business:

Article Submission

Being one of the important off-page SEO services, article submission refers to the posting of content on third party websites. By doing this, one will be able to generate inbound links for a business website. This is usually done in order to shoot up the ranking of a business website.

Here are 3 article submission websites which you can consider:

We’re not finished yet

These were just some of the off-page SEO ranking factors which have been described. Well, there are a lot more.

Stay tuned for the Part-2 of this blog. There we will tell you more about the services and the websites to boost your website’s ranking.

Have you used any of the above off-page SEO services in your daily workflow?

If yes, then brag about your success in the comment section below.

If not, then what are you waiting for?

Go, try and let us know how it benefitted your business in the comments section below?

Until then, happy reading and healthy life!

Will see you in the next part.

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