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If you have ever done something innovative, you will know that you have to first know about the ingredients which you are going to use. Here’s the same case too, if you also want to become the best SEO company in Delhi or in the world, then you also have to know about the ingredients. First, you have to gain every information regarding the ingredients or components then further proceed with the process.

SEO Company in Delhi

Here we will provide you with every kind of detail which you must know about SEO in order to get the top SEO company in Delhi for yourself.

Define SEO

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is the process by which your website can touch skies. Skies here refers to the skies of success, i.e. high rank on search engines, and not the actual skies. When properly executed, SEO can give our company’s website tremendous results.

It seems like a simple process, but let us tell you that it’s not! You got to have scratched the brains and utilize it appropriately.

Some of you may think now, that skip it, it’s not important. Nowadays, it’s more important than ever. It is a set of rules that can make your website optimized for the search engine in order to improve search engine rankings. In short, it can be said as the best or great way to improve the quality of the websites. Since it contains guidelines, a number of stages and a set of controls, it can also be described as a framework.

SEO is an art, or you can call it a science, of developing or creating user-friendly as well as useful content which can be easily digested by the search engines. Therefore, be cautious while hiring SEO agency in Delhi because this particular task is difficult yet important for any website.

So, here comes the end of first part, the definition of SEO. Let’s move on to the next!

Types of SEO

There are generally two types of SEO:

  1.    Complies with the search engine guidelines (White)
  2.    Doesn’t complies with the search engine guidelines (Black)

The former one, i.e. the white one, is the one which uses appropriate techniques and procedure to get the high ranking for a website. The procedures which this particular category use always complies with the search engine guidelines. The techniques of this type includes:

  1.    High quality content development
  2.    Website HTML optimization and restructuring
  3.    Link acquisition campaigns supported by high quality content and manual research and outreach.

One can expect steady, gradual but lasting growth in rankings from this particular SEO type.

Now coming to the latter one, i.e. the black one. Black color is generally connected to all the bad things, same is the case with SEO. The back type of SEO exploits weaknesses in the search engines breakthrough in order to obtain the high rankings. The processes which are applied in this type is always in conflict with the search engine guidelines. The techniques of this type includes:

  1.    Link spam
  2.    Keyword stuffing
  3.    Cloaking
  4.    Hidden text
  5.    Hidden links

One can expect quick, unpredictable and short-lasting growth in rankings.

But generally, to be practical, nowadays companies are working in between these two types. They cross their line out of the white SEO but never indulge themselves in the black SEO. This type of SEO can be called as ‘gray SEO’ and they are generally affordable in pricing. At the end there’s nothing as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in the way of doing search engine optimization. But those looking for top SEO company in Delhi must be aware of different types and approaches so that they know the type of risk they are taking on.

SEO Services in Delhi

Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO is not just a term, it’s a world in itself. The kind of world where there is always a competition going on to get the top ranking on the search engines. There are variety of services which are there in this SEO world. You can choose the one or the combination of below services which you think will be appropriate for your company.

Website SEO Audit

It can come in varying levels of difficulty as well as complexity. In this, one can not only fix the elements of the websites which are not user-friendly, but also gets a guidance for going beyond addressing issues. Moreover, one can also get improvements in areas of content, link development and overall organic search strategy. A simple website audit can point out some errors or mistakes which doesn’t aid in giving a higher rank of that website. These errors are identified and listed down in a website SEO audit. These errors generally includes missing titles, and lack of content. A comprehensive or detailed SEO audit will include many pages, can be over hundreds of pages, and address even the minute website elements which may potentially affect the ranking ability of a website.

The other important factor is “Even though having an SEO-friendly website is one of the first and crucial step in order to attain high-rankings, there’s no guarantee for that”. There’s no such thing called ‘guarantee’, ‘100%’ and like terms in the SEO process. Because Search Engine Optimization results takes time, patience and regular hard work. It also requires an assiduous maintenance in order to produce appropriate results and stable, long-lasting rankings.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO or sometimes called on-site SEO, is the process where all the changes and modifications recommended by an SEO audit. The changes or modifications can be resolved by the owner of the website or by an SEO agency in Delhi or somewhere else. It is the most important foundation of an SEO, hence everyone must include this particular type while going for any SEO packages. This type of SEO services shows a variety of important elements such as page titles, headings, content and content organization and internal link structure.

This type can be considered as one-time project to be applied to a particular website which includes recommendations addressed in an audit, and the implementation thereafter. In this your website’s home page including other pages are mainly targeted.

It is also said that the content which is updated later or on regular intervals on the websites are must be audited. This will further helps in clearing out potential problems which may develop through websites updates and changes.

SEO Content Development

In this type of SEO services, there is the development of content for the websites. This content can come in variety of forms like text (articles, whitepapers, essays etc.), infographics, PDFs, searchable databases, web tools, and much more.

This is not like that every content would be suitable for your websites. Depending upon the type of your website and its purpose, there are some type of content which will suit best for your website. The content can be creative and formal as well. Gone are the days where a formal website will use only formal content, this particular ritual is not been performed nowadays. A simple and formal websites can have creative content which is also SEO-friendly.

When you are looking for SEO content, always remember to go for high-quality content. Because the high quality content will have to power to drive traffic more than just a normal content. The content or high quality content should have quality and should be readable along with the keywords to help the website rank high. Because the content having the quality will only have the high ranking and won’t be able to drive traffic to your website.

Link Development

It is one of the most complex and difficult terms full of controversies in the SEO industry. Because backlinks forms the major part of any search engines optimization process and also, time-consuming as well. One can find many service providers who offer inexpensive link creating services in order to attract and impress potential customers. A good link building work will always focus on the quality rather than the quantity. Because quality is what appreciated not the quantity. A well-researched, relevant and good link is far better than the hundreds of non-relevant or non-qualitative links.

Code optimization

It is the services provided by the best SEO services in Delhi as it involves an overhaul of HTML. The optimization of the HTML can impact ranking on search engines in two ways.

  1.    First, it can help in alleviating code-clutter and present your content in an easy to understand format.
  2.    Second, it can help reduce the load-time of your website pages, so that people don’t have to wait while your page loads.


This was all about SEO, its types, and services which a top SEO company in Delhi or in the whole world provides. If you are also looking for the one then you know where you have to go! Hurry up before it gets too late!

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