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CMMI Level 3 Certified Company

Before going to any certification, one should definitely know why certification is important for any business or organization. Even if you are going to a CMMI Level 3 certified company or an ISO certified company for all problems, you should get a knowledge about the importance of certification.

When we were kids, we would be happy if we receive any certificate! What did it depict? Why did the school give it to many students?

We all have one or the other time participate in any competition (only if you were active enough). And out of those few people, only the best one got the first certificate or prize. These competitions are held and certificates are given in order to motivate students to perform well in their interest area.

Same is the case with certification companies, they provide certifications in order to motivate a company to perform well in their field. These certifications are a proof that this company has achieved something and are a level upwards than others.

UE Developer is the company which provides all-round IT services not only in India but abroad too. This company has worked for government organizations like Indian Coast Guard, etc. Recently, it has been bagged a CMMI Level 3 certification. Hence, you can surely trust them for your IT needs and requirements. The kind of services which they offer are:

  1. Website design
  2. Website development
  3. Android application
  4. Logo design
  5. Software development
  6. Content writing
  7. SEO company
  8. Social media marketing


Now, coming back to the main point of why your company needs certification, be it a CMMI or anything else. Here are some main reasons for that are:

Fulfill customer’s requirements

Would you like to visit stalls or a well-developed shop? Don’t consider golgappas, because for that we can even go for stalls! So, majorly, you will prefer going to a well-developed shop for all your needs. That’s the case with your customers, your customers want their services or products of best quality. For this, they want a well-certified company for themselves.

If you know your customer’s demand, why not fulfil it? Let yourself fulfil your customer’s demand and see the change! This is because they don’t really consider the concept of real improvement or modification. They just want the best for themselves. And if you can keep them happy, then do it right now. In that way, you are keeping your valuable customers with you for always.

More revenue, more business

Once you have the certification with you, you have the power and opportunity to freely advertise it. When you advertise, people can get attracted towards your company and may buy your products or services. This is the way, a certification can lead to in opening other new markets for you which you were not able to do because you lacked certification. This is the ultimate power of any certification which can change the way your business is running.

Company and product quality improved

A certification wants you to improve the product quality which will ultimately improve the company’s reputation. If you have the certification with yourself then it’s obvious that your product quality has improved. A well-designed certification can put your company on the roads of quality. By having a certification, not only your product’s quality is increased and improved but also, it leads to the improved level of quality for the entire organization.

Customer satisfaction with your products gets increased

A certified company has more influence powers than a non-certified company. This is because a certified one has been tested by another company which has given them this certification. This certification is not less than excellence for that certified company. And the certified one will have good quality products which increase customer satisfaction. If your certification company is working correctly, you should know the expectation of your customers and provide them with that. This automatically results in increased customer satisfaction.

Company processes are been described, understood and communicated

A certification will need you to understand your business correctly. If you don’t understand your own business then how will you work in order to grab the certification? You will have to understand your business to the depth, this is what a certification teaches you or make you do. If you make an honest step towards conforming to all the requirements of the certification, then you will be able to better understand your business. The sole purpose of any certification is to better control and management of your business processes.

Culture development and better employee morality

What changes do you face if you have got the certification?

  1. First, you will have better goals or objectives to work on
  2. Second, you know how to work on these goals
  3. Third, you clearly know the tools to be applied to do the job

These are some genuine things which generally change when you get the certification. Your company certification can also motivate or inspire, in short, empower employees. Your certification can provide them with clear expectations and requirements, the various methods needed to do their job and give actionable feedback to their performance. Hence, you will ultimately get an improved company culture and a more professional staff!

Consistency operations improved

Do you even know why did you receive the certification? Because your products are consistent, i.e. there are fewer variations in the overall business operations. Your customers don’t want variation, neither should you! Your customer should be better served with a consistent product which includes same weight, same dimensions, same tolerances, and same output every time. If you are conforming to each and everything related to a certification then there should be operation and product or services consistency.

Management and employees focus better

We have already discussed that the certification provides the company with goals and objectives to focus on. If your company has the gals, objectives, procedures, then your employees and management will be able to focus better on what’s important and what’s not. But this focus can also fade away after some time. Therefore, there should be internal audits inside the company. Also, you can work in order to get a level higher than the current certification for your company. In this way, you can get your employees and management work better.

Waste reduction, cost-saving and also improving efficiencies

If you have been certified then there are majorly fewer chances for you to generate errors which are considered as waste here. Also, you will have improved efficiencies than earlier which will help in saving a suitable amount of money.

Waste is the loss of money, it usually results from poor quality and inefficiency. Inefficiency developed from the variations and inconsistency in the processes. Hence, reduce variation, improve consistency and you will have less waste and obviously more money! Isn’t it simple?

Quality recognition

A certification is like a quality tag attached to your brand. Your quality of products or services are good, that’s the reason you get a certification for your company.

Like our degrees, certification also has quality recognition nationally or internationally.

At last, we would like to say that don’t take this certification thing lightly. Rather, prepare your company in order to snatch one for yourself.  

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